May 14, 2012

Johnny Unlucky



Johnny is a regular guy with a small problem… He’s Unlucky!!! No matter where he goes, troubles always seems to follow him.
Help Johnny to avoid unlucky situations guessing the right word.
A classic game (hangman) with a Funny twist.

  • Eigth different categories
  • 2 Game Modes: Normal, Challenge
  • 5 Scenarios with several unlucky results that will make your game a joyful experience.
  • More than 10,000 words
  • Ability to play in English or Spanish.
  • Works on the iPod Touch and iPhones.

“…if you are a word game lover you shouldn’t miss some of the best games available on the app store. ” – iPhoneFootPrint

“If you enjoy word games, you’ll definitely enjoy this app.” –

“3/5 Stars” –


Iphone/Ipod Touch

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