March 23, 2013

Attack of the Pillows



Summer Camp, a place full of fun and adventure, but to three friends this will be a summer they’ll never forget.

When the bus going to the camp made a difficult turn, the pillows fell into an Evil Radioactive Swamp, now they’re seeking revenge one head at a time.

Help Alex, Amy and Luke defend their friends and the camp in this funny adventure.

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Name: Alex
Age: 10
Traits: Brave, Optimistic, determined, impulsive
Description: The natural leader, he’s always looking for an adventure and usually is the one dragging his friends to make some mischief, he can be a little arrogant at times but he’s the first to help a friend in need.


Name: Luke
Age: 12
Traits: Smart, Loyal, ingenious
Description: Alex extremely loyal best friend, he’s the one who provides the resources for every plan his friends make, he can be a little bit sarcastic specially when people don’t get his smart jokes, but when there’s trouble you can count on him for help.


Name: Amy
Age: 11
Traits: Mischievous, Funny, Caring, Sweet
Description: Don’t let her innocent image fool you, Amy can be pretty mischievous, specially when she’s doing pranks to her friends, which thanks to her sweet side she always get away with. Loves nature and animals and likes to take care of everyone, especially her best friends Alex and Luke.


Name: Evil Pillow
Age: ??
Traits: EVIL
Description: Once a fluffy pillow, now after the accident with the evil radioactive swamp the only thing it wants is to get revenge, for all the times the kids slept on it, punched it or kicked it. First he’ll conquer the Summer Camp then…THE WORLD!!


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